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Patagonia: Love, Feuds, Fossils & Treasures

Patagonia is the go-to destination this year for lovers of destinations that are off the regular tourist route and will have you gasping at its sheer magnificence! For those who think that the world has […]

Tiwanaku ruins of Bolivia

Bolivia: Straddling Past and Future

Deep in the historic centre of La Paz, Bolivia‚Äôs bustling and thriving capital, the Mercado de Brujas, or the Witchcraft Market, clings to centuries-old traditions. Its herbal tea infusions, coca leaves and colourful alpaca jumpers […]

Cuzco women

The Other Side of Peru

Andean vistas, unspoiled cultures and seldom-seen ruins

The Natural Splendour of Peru and its Neighbours

Cultural, historic, and architectural wonders aside, Peru’s natural world is one of the most dramatic on the planet.

Discovering the Ancient Mysteries of Peru

As far as best travel experiences go, there are few that top Machu Picchu.