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Small Group Discovery Tours

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Discovery Tours Get You to the Heart of the Destination.

Be prepared for some truly magical experiences with locals when you join a Gate 1 Discovery Tour. The small group size allows us to enjoy more time exploring the destination and participating in authentic experiences such as cooking classes, home hosted dinners and private museums visits. If you love to immerse yourself in the culture of a country and interact with the locals, a Discovery tour is just what you need.

First Steps on Tour

Fly into your chosen destination at your leisure ready to create memories with your newfound friends. You will share a welcome dinner with your Tour Manager and group companions. The maximum group size for a Discovery tour is 22 travellers however the average group size is between 12-15. No matter where your first stop is, take the day to acclimatise to the new weather and time zone – you’re going to need to rest up for the excitement that awaits.

Unique Accommodations

An amazing tour needs to be paired with amazing accommodation, so we’ve booked you in for stays at the best boutique hotels we could find. Accommodations are selected for Discovery Tours that are unique to the destination and usually are not able to accommodate large groups. They’re centrally located so you never have to travel far to the city centre or to your tour, and they’re filled with all the amenities you could ask for. Keep an eye out for the 18th century mansion in Ireland, the luxury Bedouin camp in the Sahara desert of Morocco, The Ark lodge in Kenya, providing four viewing decks to watch wildlife at the nearby waterhole, and the Colca Lodge in Peru surrounded by Incan terraces and hot springs.

More Included Features

We’ve planned more exciting highlights in our Discovery Tour itineraries to allow you to get a more in-depth experience of your destination. Features include exclusive visits to local farms to taste regional specialties, visits to artisan markets, private museum visits, cooking classes and more! Discovery Tours have been designed to get you off the beaten path and behind the scenes where you can engage with the culture and meet the locals. You’ll also have free time for independent exploration to make your own unique discoveries.

Our First Class Tour Guides

The world is filled with wonders, and you can see them all with an experienced Gate 1 tour guide by your side every step of the way. Your tour guide will take care of all the logistics and gratuities on the trip and make it easy for you to be whisked away on holiday. They will ensure you arrive on time to every destination and show you everything you came to see, with lots of knowledge to offer that only the locals would know. You’ll see all the essentials plus hidden gems to help you get off the beaten track and feel a closer connection to the region you’re exploring!

Down Time

Gate 1 has had decades of experience operating tours so every tour is filled with excitement but allows plenty of time to rest or explore on your own. We don’t like to rush our travellers, so we make sure to give a few extra nights in key destinations to give you a chance to relax and take in the city sights. Plus, we know that the excitement of travel can be exhausting and we want you to enjoy your tour, not feel like it’s a chore to get out of bed at your hotel!

Cultural Immersion

We want to make sure that when you travel to a destination on a Discovery Tour that you’re able to meet and mingle with the locals and get the most out of your trip! Go to a market and hand pick the local produce and then cook it in a restaurant or local family home. Discovery provides fantastic opportunities to experience culture and tradition and create personal connections. A key feature of our Discovery Tours are home hosted dinners where travellers are encouraged to ask the hosting family questions to get a fuller understanding of their way of life. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Traveller Reviews

Morocco was a trip of a lifetime. We experienced all of Morocco, from shopping at the fabulous Medina’s, dinning with a Moroccan family, to walking the streets where Hercules lived. The hotels and food was superb. Our tour guide was amazing. Overall the experience was great. Gate 1 did a great job with this trip. I highly recommend this Discovery Tour.
Moroccan Allure - Charles, R.
Our trip was amazing!!! Giorgio was a fantastic tour guide and took great pains to ensure that everyone was happy ensuring all desires, no matter how big or small, were met. The hotel accommodations we excellent and the meals provided were very appetizing. The tours and tour guides were excellent and very knowledgeable of their area. They answered questions and explained everything clearly. I would not hesitate to recommend Gate 1 tours to anyone. It was a wonderful trip.
The Heart of Italy - Rita, V.
Fascinating. I am used to good guides with Gate 1. That being said, our guide was without a doubt, the most knowledgeable I've ever had. His talks covered, not only the history of the country and detailed information on what we were seeing but he also gave us in depth information on the economic and social issues of Uzbekistan.The entire tour ran smoothly thanks to the tour director and his aid "Gill", from the Istanbul office.
Discover Uzbekistan -Theodore, W.

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