If you’re a Game of Thrones (GoT) fan, there’s a good chance you have dedicated a fair amount of time to comparing the fictional continent of Westeros to modern day Europe.

George R.R Martin based Westeros on ancient Europe so it’s tempting to start drawing comparisons around things like Hadrian’s Wall and The Wall, and the English Channel and The Narrow Sea (or is that the Strait of Gibraltar, George?).

We have popped on our thinking capes and researched what we believe each of the Seven Kingdoms (and outlying lands) equate to. Read on and have your mind blown.

1. The North is Scotland

The Northmen in Game of Thrones are most likely based on the Picts, a group who largely banded together to fight off the Romans or, in the case of GoT, the Southerners.

2. North of the Wall is Greenland

While this makes no sense geographically, it makes sense historically. The Vikings arrived in Greenland at the end of the 10th century. They were led by Erik Thorvaldsson, known as Erik the Red because of his red hair.

3. Norway is the Iron Islands

It’s a bit of a giveaway that the Iron Islanders behave very much like vikings: pillaging and destroying villages. They are master seamen and women, and the fact that one of the main captains in the books is a woman is also reflective of Viking society where gender equality was the norm.

4. London is Kings Landing

It’s not too much of a stretch to gather that King’s Landing – home of the Iron Throne – is based on London. Many of the events in the book are inspired by the Rose Wars. The houses mirror Lancaster (Lannister), York (Stark), Plantagenet (Baratheon) and Henry VI was Aerys Targaryen. Of course the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia has been the setting for the capital city of King’s Landing since the beginning of the show.

5. Spain is Dorne

The sunny mediterranean landscape featuring olive groves and palm trees is a hint. Also in the show the nobles of House Martell reside in the Alzacar in Seville which is the oldest palace still in use in Europe.

6. The Riverlands are Germany

Constantly being raided and ransacked, Germany has been bathed in blood for eons, eventually being split between the Prussians and the Bavarians.

7. The Vale is Switzerland

We’re not really sure why. It’s pretty, hilly and chilly?

8. The Reach is France

The Tyrells were a stylish, open-minded bunch. They also came up with a bloodless way to get rid of a certain prince, resulting in less dry-cleaning for everyone. A very French solution to a rather ugly problem.

9. The Stormlands is Wales

The weather is bad and people tend to avoid going there. While we’re not saying that Wales is unpopular, the weather can be a little tricky.

10. England is the Westerlands

Home of the Lannisters, Westerlands is a shrunken down England with a terrifyingly ruthless family at its head. While the modern day Windsors aren’t exactly scary, some of their ancestors loved a good beheading.

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