Are you sitting there wondering where to go next? We understand – that’s how we’ve spent our entire lives.

There is something so exciting about being on the brink of your next adventure. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, take our quick quiz to figure out which Wonder of the World you should visit next.

1.In your past life you were:

  • A) A queen
  • B) A sports star
  • C) A nomadic trader
  • D) A drunk architect

2. Your idea of a fun night out is:

  • A) Shimmying the night away with a group of bellydancers
  • B) Drinking giant margaritas
  • C) Star gazing in the desert
  • D) Drinking wine in the village square

3. You like shopping for:

  • A) Leather slippers
  • B) Mexican wrestling masks
  • C) Spices
  • D) Hand painted crockery

4. Your favourite food is:

  • A) Ful medames – a hearty concoction of beans, pastas and spices
  • B) Fish tacos made with proper guacamole (no sour cream)
  • C) Mansaf – slow cooked rice served with saffron rice and yoghurt sauce
  • D) Pizza, pasta, gelato, risotto, arancini, antipasto… and that’s just to start

5. Your favourite place to relax is:

  • A) By the river
  • B) At a white sand beach with crystal clear water
  • C) Next to an inland sea
  • D) In the mountains

6. You describe yourself as:

  • A) Ancient and glorious
  • B) Solid and a bit gory
  • C) Majestic and fort-like
  • D) Wonky but classical

7. If you were a wonder of the world, you would want to be:

  • A) The oldest
  • B) The coolest
  • C) The most impressive
  • D) The weirdest

8. If you were a building, you would be:

  • A) Built to withstand the test of time
  • B) Full of secret passages
  • C) Sophisticated
  • D) Unique

9. If you could put a price on yourself, you would be:

  • A) Cheap and cheerful
  • B) Affordable and great value
  • C) Pricey but princely
  • D) Top of the range

10. If you were an animal, you would be:

  • A) A cat
  • B) A frog
  • C) A camel
  • D) A bird

If you answered mostly As

You need to visit The Great Pyramid of Giza. Cruise along the Nile, explore souks and cities, taste the local cuisine (and then walk it all off as you wander around ancient ruins).

If you answered mostly Bs

You’re headed to Chichen Itza in Mexico. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and cenotes (sunken swimming holes), this region combines ancient Mayan temples with super fun bars and beaches.

If you answered mostly Cs

You’re off to the Lost City of Petra. There is nothing more exotic than heading off into the desert aboard a camel. The good news is that Jordan is also home to delicious food, great swimming, snorkelling and diving, and surprisingly sophisticated ancient architecture.

If you answered mostly Ds

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is calling you, mi amico. Check out this architectural catastrophe while you enjoy la dolce vita. Dinner starts with aperitivo at 5pm and ends with gelato at midnight. Take your stretchy pants!

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