It’s not just the Sahara that is turning Morocco into one of the hottest travel destinations. Old world medinas, stunning geometric architecture, oasis landscapes and lively souks are just some of the delights you’ll encounter when exploring energetic Morocco.

We caught up with Fern from the Gate 1 Travel team, who recently enjoyed the 15 Day Morrocan Allure small group tour and got the inside scoop on her trip!

Q: What were you looking forward to doing the most in Morocco?

A: The thing I was looking forward to the most about visiting Morocco was camping in the Sahara and it completely lived up to my expectations. The camel ride at sunset along the sand dunes was so peaceful, it felt like we were on another planet. It was really fun wearing the traditional Berber Tagelmust (also great for keeping the sand out) and joining in on the evening entertainment when we got back to camp.



Q: What was the highlight of the trip?

A: It’s really hard to pick one highlight as this trip just kept surprising me. There was something everyday that made me think each day was better than the last. If I had to pick though I would say it would be exploring the city of Fez and staying in the riad there. The medina of Fez is a beautiful labyrinth of sights and smells that maintains an ancient charm. It makes you feel like you’ve travelled to another time! They have a saying in Morocco that ‘you should never judge a house by its door’ and I think this perfectly encapsulates the surprising nature of Fez. Even the plainest of doors can lead to the most beautiful interior. Discovering these hidden gems made Fez one of the most interesting locations to explore.

Q: What did you like about travelling in a smaller group?

A: What I really liked about travelling in a smaller group was the ease of moving from one site to another. The time saved waiting for everyone to get on and off the bus could be spent exploring and allowed us to fit more into our itinerary. Another plus of travelling in a small group was being able to stay in boutique style accommodation that was unique to Morocco. On the tour we stayed in a riad, a kasbah, a ksar and a berber camp which gave us a unique insight into different styles of Moroccan housing.

Q: What was the Tour Manager like?

A: Khalid was amazing! He was considerate, knowledgeable and made sure everyone on the tour was enjoying themselves. One day I was feeling a little unwell and couldn’t eat lunch so he made sure I had some fruit to take away with me. He really looked after everyone and made us smile with his jokes and cries of ‘make it happen’ whenever we stopped at a restroom.


Q: What was your favourite meal or what food did you have that you felt was very authentic?

A: My favourite meal of the trip was the chicken tagine we had during our home hosted dinner in Fez. I definitely have a soft spot for chicken and olives! It was great to experience a traditional Moroccan dinner and get to know the family that hosted us. Being able to meet locals and ask questions about their daily life is one of my favourite parts of travelling so it was great to be able to have this experience on the tour.

chicken tagine

Q: What tips do you have for first-time travellers to Morocco?

A: Be prepared for an assault on your senses! Morocco is colourful, loud and full of smells – some good (incense) and some bad (tanneries). Embrace the madness and you will fall in love with this country that is full of surprises. Also save some money for souk shopping, leather is incredibly cheap!


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