Gate 1 receives a lot of helpful and positive feedback from our travellers, but this one from Lynne H. on a recent 13 Day Classic India with Ranthambore really stopped us in our tracks!

“I’ve had a wonderful time with Gate 1 in India. Everything went smoothly and we had an excellent guide (Raj) and a truly spectacular bus driver who seemed to negotiate spaces that were a hair’s breadth much of the time. Also we had our man who passed out cold water, helped us on and off buses and cleaned the bus inside and out every night.

I’ve experienced so much that’s a contrast – beauty and filth, colour and drabness, splendour and dreadful poverty. I’ve stayed in good hotels, seen so many monuments, learned a lot of history and eaten gorgeous Indian food.

I’m sharing with you the best photo I took in Ranthambore National Park. No luck with seeing a tiger that morning so we headed back as our three hours was up. Suddenly the driver said there was a tiger headed towards us near the gate we were about to go through. He threw the vehicle into reverse and we, and another vehicle in front that had been leaving also, backed up like crazy.

Tiger in Ranthambore National Park India

The tiger was unperturbed and padded along on her big velvet paws, taking her time – and couldn’t care less about us. Then other vehicles from the area somehow got to know, and as we turned to follow her several vehicles arrived and it was like a car rally over a dirt road. So exciting!

Thank you for organising this for me. This is my first trip with Gate 1. I will certainly recommend your company and I look forward to my next trip with you to Switzerland in June.”

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