Albano Garibaldi has been a Tour Manager with Gate 1 for over 4 years, and one of the things he loves to share most with our travellers is where to find delicious food and enjoy local dining experiences.

“Travellers to South America are often surprised by the beauty and diversity of our landscapes, the way we care about our environment and how much we love our food! Gate 1 visitors are also pleasantly surprised by the quality of hotels and their great locations, as well as the restaurants where we offer our included meals.

Local cuisines are such an important part of each country’s culture and the history and geography are reflected in our regional specialities. I love Patagonian lamb, the tropical fruits of Brazil, Chilean fish, seafood and ceviche, but above all my favourite is the traditional ‘asado’ of Argentina. This barbeque is not simply a way of cooking the meat, it is a kind of ceremony that everyone must experience at least once in their life.

Similarly, no one should leave Buenos Aires without stopping at Cafe Tortoni. It’s the city’s oldest cafe that has witnessed many great moments, felt like a friend for famous writers and inspired music composers. I highly recommend coffee cortado (with a little milk) and the mouthwatering churros with our traditional dulce de leche!”

When’s the best time to visit South America?

“I consider the best time to travel to South America is end of spring (November/December) and the beginning of autumn (March/April). The temperature is mostly nice and mild and also the main tourist destinations are likely to be less crowded than you’ll find in the summer months.”

From the summit of Rio’s famous Corcovado Mountain, to miraculous Machu Picchu, South America is a continent packed with astounding sights and unforgettable highlights! Take the journey with Gate 1 Travel for your choice of escorted tours or independent packages.

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