If you’ve come on board a river cruise to slim down, then let’s face it, you’ve probably chosen the wrong holiday. The fantastic selection of international food and wine is a wonderful part of your river cruising experience.

Each day starts with a delicious buffet breakfast, then during the fascinating shore excursions you get to walk it off just in time for an international buffet lunch that has a choice of hot and cold dishes. Dinner is often a la carte and when you’re cruising in Europe it will be accompanied by selection of regional wines and beers. So make sure you do a few laps around the sun deck so you can fit it all in!

Here are some of our favourite dishes from around the world that you’ll want to try on your river cruise journey.

Austrian strudel like Oma makes ~ image by RitaE

Austrian Apple Strudel

You haven’t tasted the best Apfelstrudel until you’ve sampled this world-famous dessert in Vienna. Find a cosy coffee house and order a serve with lashings of cream and you’ll be in heaven. There are many strudel variations, from puff pastry to filo, or filled with peach, poppy seed, traditional apple and the delicious soft cheese with warm vanilla sauce that’s served at Vienna’s renowned Cafe Drechsler.

Heartwarming Hungarian goulash ~ image by RitaE

Hungarian Goulash

Is it is a soup? Is it a stew? No, it’s a super dish that’s somewhere in between! The recipe originated from the medieval Kingdom of Hungary and the crucial ingredient is Hungarian paprika, so where better than Budapest to try this famous Central-European meal. Also essential to the beef dish is onions, tomatoes and green capsicum, then like all national recipes there’s some controversy around whether or not it’s traditional to include potatoes and noodles.

Spicy Sichuan cuisine ~ image by sharonang

Sichuan Fried Pork With Chilli

Sichuan cooking is one of China’s great eight cuisines and Chengdu is not only famous for its cuddly panda residents, but it’s renowned as the ideal place to try Sichuan’s best local dishes. On 14 Day China with Chengdu & 3 Day Yangtze Cruise, before you board the ship you have 3 nights to enjoy the foodie delights of Chengdu. Fried pork with chilli is a common favourite that’s made with fresh Sichuan pepper, garlic, ginger and of course lots of red or green chillies. For the more traditional version, one of the iconic dishes of Chengdu is Shuang Jiao Tu, or rabbit fried with peppers.

Sweet Russian donuts ~ image by isfara

Russian Pyshki

Donuts for breakfast are not only an American thing. Many Russians love to start their day with a sugar overload of condensed milk coffee and pyshki. Served hot and dusted in icing sugar, the taste is not identical to the donuts we know, but the popularity is the same. In fact, there’s cafe in the heart of St Petersburg that’s been selling pyshki since the 1960s. At Pyshechnaya they still used the old machines and recipe from Soviet times and it’s such a local institution that no other business is allowed to open on this site at Bolshaya Konyushennaya St. 25.


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