If you look on many of our destination pages, you’ll see some trips are described as ‘Small Group’, but you might be wondering what else makes them different.

Our Discovery range of tours are always smaller groups, offering you a more intimate travel experience with a maximum of 22 travellers, but there are other features that also set these tours apart, while still offering the same commitment to quality at a wallet-friendly price that you’d expect from Gate 1.

Get Up Close & Personal
These itineraries focus on delving more deeply into local cultures and connecting you more closely with the people and the places they call home.

For example, we include meals at family homes, the opportunity to visit schools or see artisans at work in their studios or local markets and there are lots of chances for you to jump right in and participate. Our expert guides can share with you ancient traditions, explain local religious beliefs or tribal lore and bring to life the pages of history.

peru local friends

Boutique Accommodations
The hotels and other accommodation used on Discovery tours are carefully chosen to enhance your immersion experience. This includes often distinctive and one-of-a-kind lodgings and because we’re travelling in a small group, we can bypass the typical tourist hotels. Location and high quality at the best value available are always important, and with this in mind our regional staff have hand-picked places to stay that are full of atmosphere and have a decor that reflects the rich traditions of your destination. Indulge in a deluxe campsite in the Sahara desert, marvel at the old-world charm of castles in the Irish countryside and from your safari lodge at Victoria Falls you can enjoy wildlife viewing while the sun sets.

Vic Falls Safari Club

Go Where Larger Groups Can’t
Our small groups of no more than 22 people (on average 16-18 travellers) afford us many advantages. We can get to places that are not accessible with large vehicles or can’t accommodate big groups. You can also linger longer at sights that catch your interest and see hidden gems that only the locals know about. Plus you’ll have greater access to your Tour Manager, who is always a wellspring of local knowledge and insider tips.

You’ll find Discovery Small Groups in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Morocco, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and more!

Every one of these journeys offers unmatched value – a Gate 1 tradition since our founding in 1981 – and enables you to enjoy the convenience of escorted tours while appreciating an intimate view of local cultures.

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